Our Story

At Fantastic Fungi, nature is our common ground.

We're on a mission to share the beauty and intelligence of nature –starting with the magic and mystery of mushrooms – to protect the planet and create a better future. 

Reconnecting with nature's intelligence can transform how we explore and understand the world. How? By making the invisible visible, cultivating gratitude and slowing down enough to be present and get curious.  

What began as a film by time-lapse pioneer Louie Schwartzberg quickly grew into a global community and a movement. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the mycelial network or diving deeper, Fantastic Fungi is your ally. We want to inspire you to bring the lessons of nature – our greatest teacher – into your everyday life. Let’s change the world, together.

We're grateful you chose to be part of the Fantastic Fungi community.

 Protect What We Love

Together, with Louie’s 501c3 organization, Protect What We Love, the Fantastic Fungi website and community carry on his life’s work of protecting nature by capturing and sharing imagery that inspires wonder and awe, as well as subjects that are too slow, too fast, too small or too vast for the naked eye to see.

Louie’s films and our collective attraction to the mycelial network come at a pivotal moment for humanity, as we strive to heed nature’s red alert before it’s too late.

Standing on the precipice of climate change can make any of us feel powerless and hopeless. By focusing on the promise, beauty and wonder of nature through art, we hope to plant the seeds of possibility. With Louie’s work as our medium, we want to sharea love of nature to inspire environmental action and preservation, connecting like-minded people to a strong intrinsic motivation to save our home.

Our Content and Shop

Learn about the seven pillars of impact of mycelium on the planet. Read the latest praise for Louie and the mycological experts featured in the film. Go deeper on your mushroom journey or find resources to get started. If you’re curious about the magic and mystery of mushrooms, you’re in the right place.

In addition, our shop contains a thoughtfully curated collection of mushroom-themed products. We offer merchandise to help you share your love of ‘shrooms with the world, as well as access to some of the best mushroom producers out there. We foraged each item, and we only included small businesses and environmentally conscious visionaries whose values align with our own. We hope you enjoy exploring the therapeutic potential of mushrooms through those offerings.* Please know that a portion of the proceeds funds Protect What We Love and a free education-based curriculum based on the Fantastic Fungi film. 


This is how we bring nature’s intelligence to life.