Why It's Fantastic

Rasa's Magnificent Mushrooms Extract Powder is made from organic 100% fruiting bodies, meticulously formulated for functionality and taste.

How to Use

There are so many ways to incorporate this mushroom boost into your daily routine. In the morning, add it to your coffee or matcha for more wellbeing. Or, throw it in the blender with all your smoothie ingredients and feel proud that you’re adding something super good for you as you slurp it down. Yum! Give your baked goods a boost and toss it in your favorite cookie recipe, brownies, banana bread... you name it. Or, supercharge your soup broths.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
John S.
Great product

Very good mushroom powder,I noticed a lot more energy and felt better since I started taking it.

Love the flavor and...

Love the flavor and the fact that I know it is good for me, but doesn't take like it.

This mix is fantastic

I’m loving it and powerful given the small quantity to take on a daily basis.I drink it bu itself with hot water and stevia and I’m set for the day!

good with meals

I like to mix the powder with my eggs for breakfast.

I feel better. Really better.

I researched inflammation and mushrooms and found this mix to be one that was closely related to lowering inflammation. First, I've had no problem mixing it into my coffee and have found that if the coffee is very hot, it blends quickly. I pour a 1/2 cup so that I can swirl it, then top off the cup. Second, I can't be absolutely certain that this is what has helped my situation, but after changing nothing else, not exercise, not food, nothing, after about a month of taking 1/4 tsp. (half of the recommended dose) in my coffee, I woke up one morning and I realized that the place in my lower back no longer hurt. A week later I found myself going downstairs facing forward and though I still have crepitus, my knees felt better. I had been going downstairs slowly backwards because my knees hurt going forward. I am amazed and grateful.