An even more Fantastic Forager Box!

More Mushrooms to Love

Upgrade your Forager Box for just $40 and get $66 of additional products!

Love shrooms as much as we do? We thought so! Upgrade your Fantastic Foraging experience for just $40, and receive three more magical mushroom products from brands we adore. See the products below, valued at $66 - yours for only $40 more! Quantities are extremely limited on this offer, so snag them before they sell out.

Upgrade your box now to get all of these goodies (for only $40 more!)

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

This is chocolate with purpose. Made with Fair Trade cacao and Lion’s Mane fruiting bodies, this nootropic delicacy is special. They combine the endorphin-releasing power of cacao and the memory-supportive powers from Lion’s Mane in one blissful bar.* Indulge away!

Focus Lion's Mane Elixir

This revitalizing blend of Lion’s Mane, Rose Hips and Neumentix® spearmint extract supports focus and concentration all day long.* Just rip, tip, sip! Mix one packet with hot water and enjoy!

Resilience Tea

Support your immune system and become a force of nature.* This rich, fresh brew of organic Chaga mushroom extract, Japanese green tea and supportive botanicals tastes like rich yet delicate green tea with a hint of berry.* It's not your average thin cup of tea. Resilience™ treats you to a delightful mouthfeel and texture.