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More Mushrooms to Love

Upgrade your Forager Box for just $50 and get $96 of additional products!

Love shrooms as much as we do? We thought so! Upgrade your Fantastic Foraging experience for just $50, and receive three more magical mushroom products from female-founded and led brands we adore. See the products below, valued at $96 - yours for only $50 more! Quantities are extremely limited on this offer, so snag them before they sell out.

Mushroom Magic

A groovy mix of medicinal mushrooms that support you from the ground up. This formula is deeply nourishing to your nervous system and may help reduce the effects of fatigue, stress, and brain fog. Taken daily, this enhanced cocoa provides system-wide sustenance for your entire being. Stir, sip, and prepare for clarity.


Brew a cup of calm with JOYÀ’s Cacao Elixir Blend. This antioxidant-rich, blissful blend of botanicals features immune and stress-supporting Reishi. Use to make luscious cocoa, or supercharge your smoothies, breakfast items and snacks. Vegan and keto-friendly, unsweetened and made with only certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients.

Edible Alchemy

Mushroom Armour is one of their removed alcohol tinctures with a blend of 14 carefully selected mushrooms. Edible Alchemy uses a combination of mycelium and fruiting body, to produce a full spectrum extract, which results in the strongest tincture possible, with the widest array of beneficial compounds.