Why It's Fantastic

Let the mushrooms and herbs in Energy be your allies as you conquer your workouts, to-do list and everything in between.* Time-honored ingredients made with the highest quality and care help you connect with your vigor and vitality.*


Promote verve and vitality with Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chinese Red Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea.* This quartet of time-honored botanicals and mushrooms have long been used to promote and support energy, life force and vigor.* Whatever you call it, let nature’s infinite wisdom inspire you to tackle that to-do list with “can-do” energy.*

How to Create a Routine With Energy

Keep your Energy Mushroom Drops within reach, to make them part of your morning routine.*

Place a dropper under your tongue before your workouts or marathon work sessions.*

Enjoy a serving of Energy Mushroom Drops in warm water as part of your recovery routine.*

Take a dropper of Energy before long drives and any time your spirit craves a pick-me-up.*

Key Ingredients

Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)
Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom that promotes stamina, endurance and energy.* Popular among athletes and those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, Cordyceps’ use dates back to imperial China.* In the wild, these orange mushrooms grow on caterpillars, but we only offer products made with cultivated, vegan Cordyceps.

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
Turkey Tails are the most widely researched mushrooms due to their support of the immune system.* These striped mushrooms are used extensively in China and Japan. They get their name from the colorful fans their fruiting bodies form, which resemble the tails of turkeys. Turkey Tails offer antioxidant support and are native to North America, Europe and Asia.

Chinese Red Ginseng Roots(Panax ginseng)
Chinese or Asian Ginseng is one of the most valuable plants on the planet — and the most respected in Traditional Chinese Medicine.* With thousands of years of traditional use behind it, Chinese Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb used to support a healthy response to stress.* It is also used to support healthy energy.*

Rhodiola Rosea(Rhodiola rosea)
Rhodiola rosea is a plant that grows in hardy climates, often at northern latitudes across Iceland, Sweden and Russia. The Vikings used it to support endurance for long journeys, and the Greek physician Dioscorides lauded this plant back in the first century AD. Today, this adaptogen is popular for supporting physically active lifestyles and daily physical stress.*