As you may have heard already, Fantastic Fungi has launched six Mushroom Drops formulated for mind and body.* We start with USDA Certified Organic mushrooms grown in North America, and each one is made with a commitment to quality and potency, using the highest quality ingredients possible. Plus, these great-tasting extracts are vegan, with a base of organic glycerin.

This is our promise to you: 

  • Triple Extracted: Certified Organic mushrooms are steam-processed then triple-extracted (fermented, then in hot water & alcohol) for bioavailability and potency.*
  • Full Spectrum: Always made with the highest quality whole mushrooms — and no fillers —  for an extract that captures the quality and true essence of each ingredient.
  • Third-Party Tested: Products are independently lab-tested for peace of mind, safety and efficacy — including heavy metals and microbes.

Ready to learn more about each formula? Keep reading for a rundown of why we made them, what’s inside — and who we think will love them!


Stay calm and alert, with Mindful, a delicious and thoughtful blend formulated with clarity and intention in mind.* Take daily or as desired as part of your mindfulness practice.* With triple-extracted organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa and Ginkgo. 

You’ll love it if… You think before you speak — and take care of your mind as you do your body. You’re a thinker as well as a doer. You’ve never met a puzzle you won’t try. 

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Beauty starts on the inside — and our new Beauty Mushroom Drops are formulated to support your inner and outer glow.* With Tremella and Chaga mushrooms with Horsetail and Acerola Berry to support glowing skin.*

You’ll love it if… You embrace the beauty of life — and see the inner as well as outer glow in everyone you meet. You also love self-care! 

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Need a moment to yourself? Has it been one of *those* weeks? Chill Mushroom Drops are formulated to be a moment of Zen in a bottle, to support tranquility, relaxation and adrenal wellness.* With Reishi, Shiitake, Holy Basil and Vervain.

You’ll love it if… You crave peace and rest — and you will never turn down the chance to nap or go to bed early. Sleep is sacred to you! 

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For “can-do” energy no matter what’s on your to-do list, turn to mushrooms and nature’s wisdom for inspiration.* Energy Mushroom Drops promote verve and vitality with Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chinese Red Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea.*

You’ll love it if… You want to embrace all that life has to offer — at home, at work and in your active pursuits. You’re active and want to stay that way. 

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Support your overall wellness with Immunity Mushroom Drops.* Whatever life brings your way, embrace nature’s wisdom as your guide. With Maitake and Chaga, plus Elderberries and Astragalus.* 

You’ll love it if… You see the big picture in life — and strive for balance with wellness of your body and mind.* 

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A symbiotic blend of 8 mushrooms in an equal 1:1 ratio, our first-ever Mushroom Drops are formulated to inspire infinite gratitude — for the mushrooms, our community and nature’s wisdom. Take daily or as desired as part of your gratitude practice. 

You’ll love it if… You don’t let the little things go unnoticed — and you always tell people how much they mean to you. You live with a “beginner’s mind,” in awe of the world around you. 

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Can’t pick just one? You’ll love our bundle of mushroom drops, which includes our entire line-up (at a discount)!